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Horse management in Pinecraft Equestrian can be accessed via the '/horse' command.

1. The Horse Spawn Egg
Throw the horse spawn egg and a GUI will appear for you to select which breed you would like your horse to be, once selected you can then name it by sitting on it and using the "/horse rename [newname]" command! (You can rename your horse whenever you fancy!)
DO NOT GIVE YOUR HORSE AN INAPPROPRIATE/OFFENSIVE NAME - If you choose to be 'That Guy™' you can expect to find your horse deleted (nobody likes 'That Guy™').

2. Saddle up and ride!
A newly spawned horse will start with Speed XP and Jump XP of 1.00 - The more you ride and jump, the more the increase in XP will see your maximum speed and height improve over time, so train hard and train often!

3. Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop - all with the use of your trusty 'Riding Crop'
While holding the Riding Crop when sat on a horse, press the forward key and left-click to change its gait 'up' from walk to trot/canter/gallop or right-click to change its gait 'down'.

4. Energy Out - Energy In
Your horse has an 'Energy' boss bar showing you how much energy it has. The more work it does while you ride it, the more its energy will deplete meaning, just like you, it needs regular feeding. Different food items will restore different amounts of energy (up to the maximum of 100%) - If your horse's energy hits 15% or below, its Speed and Jump capability will become temporarily impacted, so feed it as soon as you can!

Sugar = 10%
Wheat = 20%
Carrot = 25%
Apple = 30%
Golden Carrot = 40%
Golden Apple = 50%
Enchanted Golden Apple = 75%
Hay Bale = 100%

5. Manage your steeds
Use the command '/horse panel' to see the horses you own and any spare slots you may have (marked as 'Available'). These can be for new horses you buy or used for foals created from breeding.

See each horse's brief stats by hovering your pointer over their slot or click in to select a horse and see their full stats, along with extra functions for managing them. Hover on each icon to see its function.

6. Don't forget to Feed Your Steed regularly if it is listed for sale, breeding or just set to persistent spawn!

You must feed your horse every 24 hours if it is to remain persistently spawned (set with the spawn button in the GUI)
If you do not you will see your horse's energy depleted to 10% when you go to ride it and it will need feeding to be able to run and jump properly! (otherwise it is fine to leave them to despawn and you can feed them on your return to the server!)

But, fear not, if you want your horse looked after by somebody else in game (a friend or by boarding them at a livery) they can feed it for you!


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