4. Your first plot of land

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Home Sweet Home!

All new players to Pineland are given a 70x70x70 Plot Claim Item as part of the tutorial so that everybody has the chance to build their own homestead in an area of land where their build can be protected from griefers and they keep themselves and their horses safe. (Optionally, you can choose to buy more, or larger, plot claim items from the Pinecraft Equestrian Webstore)

Check out other people's plots and potential plot locations on the World Map https://pineland.pinecraftequestrian.com/

How to Stake you Claim
Once you have located an area within Pineland where you wish to create your own plot, hold the Plot Claim Item in your hand and Right-Click' - this will create a temporary visual boundary of blocks for you to be able to see exactly where your plot will be positioned and its dimensions.
(Note: All plots have a 10 block depth below where you are standing)

e.g. If you want a beachfront property with room to build a protected dock for a boat:

If you decide you want to reposition or try elsewhere, just right-click again and the drafting process will be cancelled.
Otherwise, Left-Click to action the placement of the plot and confirm by typing 'YES'
As long as your plot isn't colliding with anybody else's you'll see the boundary change to orange, shortly before it then disappears.

You have now created your first plot!

Managing your plots
Simply type the command '/plot panel' to see the plot management GUI
Select your plot from the main GUI and you can see the options available to you, which include the ability to teleport to it at any time, as well as to temporarily display the boundary again if you need to.


Along with those commands you can also set permissions for member and non-members


Any permission icon displaying with red text means it is not permitted


Simply click on the icon to change it to green text, granting permission for that type of action on your plot.
(By default, all non-member players have no permissions for your plot)

Speaking of Members!
That's right, you can actually add your friends to specific plots and grant each one their own custom range of permissions!
Simply type '/plot add [plotID] [playername]' to add them as a member to that plot

Then, when you select that plot in the plot panel GUI and click on the Members icon, you can select any member and in their profile for that plot you can select the specific Plot Permissions you want to grant them or even choose to remove them (Kick) from that plot membership


Don't want to be the only one managing the membership of a plot? Then you can also grant selected members permissions to Add, Kick or Grant Management permissions to others!


You can become a Real Estate Mogul and easily manage multiple plots with their own members and managers!

Extending your lease
To avoid losing ownership of your plot you'll need to make sure to extend its lease before the due date. Simply stand within your plot while holding a Plot Claim Item in your hand of the same size type (Small, Medium or Large) and Right-Click to action it and follow the prompts to extend your ownership by the number of days the Plot Claim Item is set with. Simples!

Claim an 'Available' plot
If you have a Plot Claim Item of the same size type (Small, Medium or Large) and want to claim an existing plot which has no active lease, you can simply stand within it and Right-Click to action it, follow the prompts and the plot will be assigned to you for the duration of your Plot Claim Item's lease period!

(The ability to list developed plots for sale on the Pinecraft Equestrian Webstore will be added in time, too)


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