5. Buying and Selling, Boosting and Breeding!

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MOAR HOARSES!!!1!1!!!1!

There are three ways to acquire more horses in Pinecraft Equestrian:
1. Splash the cash in the Webstore and buy more Horse Eggs
2. Dish out the dollars in-game and buy another player's horse
3. Breed yourself a foal with the help of a Breeding Potion (or two) + a suitable male and female horse, of course!

The first one is pretty self-explanatory, simply visit the webstore, buy a pack of Stars to top-up your balance and select yourself a horse egg or two, which will be delivered to you in-game (as long as you have spare inventory space)

Buying (and Selling) of player horses in the game? There's an app (or GUI) for that!
Setting your horse for sale:
Open the '/horse panel', select the horse you want to list for sale and click on the 'Sell your horse' icon (see, easy!)

2. Using the red, green and yellow icon in middle of the top row, add or remove dollar amounts to the value you want to set your horse for sale at (You must set it to be at least $5,000 sale price)


3. If you want to cancel this, or a previous sale listing for this horse, just click on the red cube, otherwise select the green cube to set the horse as being for sale at the price you have chosen

Note: Your horse will remain locked as persistently spawned and must be fed once a day while it is spawned otherwise it will automatically be despawned and the selling mode will be cancelled.

All the while your horse is set in selling mode other players have the ability to view its stats and selling price and choose whether to buy it or not. If it is bought you will no longer see it in your list of horses as it has gone to a new owner, but you'll at least have the comfort of seeing your in-game balance increase!

Buying a horse listed for sale:
1. Right-click on a horse that is set as being for sale and you will see the buying GUI displayed


2. Hover over the horse-icon to see it's stats and the price it is set for sale


3. If you want to go ahead and make this steed your own, simply click on the green cube and it's yours! (minus the dollar price from your in-game balance, of course). You will now see it listed in your /horse panel

Grow yourself a baby horse!
If you own male and female adult horses you can breed them and create a foal which will have a combination of their Jump and Speed XP, so if you've trained your steeds to run faster and jump higher, their offspring will be born with those characteristics!

1. You'll need breeding potions for each of the parent and the female will be locked in persistent spawn until the foal is born and she has raised it to full maturity - this means having to feed her every 24 hours or risk losing the foal!
2. The Mare will carry the unborn foal for 7 Days before giving birth - failure to keep her properly fed during this time will cause a premature birth and the baby foal will be taken into care by our Equine charity, meaning you will lose it!
3. Once born the little foal will need to feed from its mother for 14 more days before it matures into a full adult horse - failure to keep the mother fed during this time will cause her to not be able to produce enough milk and will result in the malnourished foal being rescued by our Equine charity, meaning you will lose it!

Yes it is all very dramatic! The responsibility for caring for the mother and her foal is very real! :serious face:


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